Friday, March 24, 2017

Review: Royce Rolls by Margaret Stohl

Title: Royce Rolls
Author: Margaret Stohl
Publication Date: April 4, 2017
Publisher: Freeform Books
Source: ALA Midwinter   
Format: ARC
Age Group: Teens
Genre: Contemporary-Reality TV

Sixteen-year-old Bentley Royce seems to have it all: an actual Bentley, tuition to a fancy private school, lavish vacations, and everything else that comes along with being an LA starlet. But after five seasons on her family's reality show, Rolling with the Roycesand a lifetime of dealing with her narcissistic sister, Porsche, media-obsessed mother, Mercedes, and somewhat clueless brother, Maybach, Bentley wants out. Luckily for her, without a hook for season six, cancellation is looming and freedom is nigh. With their lifestyle on the brink, however, Bentley's family starts to crumble, and one thing becomes startlingly clear--without the show, there is no family. And since Bentley loves her family, she has to do the unthinkable--save the show. But when her future brother-in-law's car goes over a cliff with both Bentley and her sister's fianc inside-on the day of the big made-for-TV wedding, no less-things get real.Really real. Like, not reality show real.

The first thing that came to mind when picking up this book was Jersey Shore. I do not know if many people still remember that show or not or if you even watched it. I think I was one of the few people who knew about it but avoided it at all costs unless of course I was at my friends. And then I was on my own. However, I think what excited me most was this book was written by Margaret Stohl. I know, you know, we all know that this book was going to live up to its expectations. 

I do not know if I would have the patience to be on a reality show. Even if I was paid well for it, I do not know if I could act a certain way, especially if it meant me being a turd to people. And yes I said turd. (There are plenty of other words I could use but let's not get into that). The effort it seems to take makes me want to just nap. 

Bentley and I seem to be on the same page when it seems to be wanting this reality (nightmare) to be over. And by over, she means over so that can she pursue her dreams of going to college. However, when is the show is on the brink of getting cancelled, Bentley's dream of finally getting her freedom is soon on the rise. But that is not going to stop her over the top sister and mother (if that is what you want to call her) from doing everything they can to save the show. 

I cannot recall ever reading a book in which there were foot notes. But the key to enjoying this book is not going in pretending it to be like any book but as if you are reading a script. I kind of liked it but i did have to read slower, and I wanted to skip the foot notes but then I thought that would be cheating me out of technically reading the whole book. 

Besides that I am curious to see what other books are out there with a similar format. That is something besides Harry Potter (that is all I know). Margaret Stohl has done it again by wowing me. Taking a step away from her supernatural home to one of contemporary realism Stohl writes a script show worthy. If you have a chance, read this. It is a read you won't want to pass. 

I give this book 4 souls! 

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