Friday, February 16, 2018

Review: Illegal Contact (The Barons #1) by Santino Hassell

Title: Illegal Contact
Series: The Barons, #1
Author: Santino Hassell
Publication Date: August 5, 2017
Publisher: InterMix
Format: E-book
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Contemporary GLBTQ Romance

New York Barons tight end Gavin Brawley is suspended from the team and on house arrest after a video of him brawling goes viral. Gavin already has a reputation as a jerk with a temper on and off the field—which doesn’t help him once he finds himself on the wrong side of the law. And while he’s been successful professionally, he’s never been lucky when it comes to love. Noah Monroe is a recent college grad looking for a job—any job—to pay off his mounting student debt. Working as Gavin’s personal assistant/babysitter seems like easy money. But Noah isn’t prepared for the electrifying tension between him and the football player. He’s not sure if he’d rather argue with Gavin or tackle him to the floor. But both men know the score, and neither is sure what will happen once Gavin's timeout is over…

I hope I am not the only one out there that needs to change up my reading palette every now and then.  And that means bringing a sexy, steaming read. I do want to preface this review by saying that this book is not geared for teens or anyone younger but for adult readers. 

I remember being recommended this book by a good friend and after the reading slump I had been in, this was the perfect book for me. I went and posted a picture on social media and was immediatley sent a few messages letting me know how much I would enjoy the book. At this point, I was beyond excited to dive in and lose myself to the romance and whatever would come after this. 

I think one of the things that I was most worried about when starting this book was that there was going to be no story and it was going to be all romance and other fun stuff but boy was I wrong. Not only was there a story, there was a story I loved. I do have to admit that the beginning was a little slow but as I continued swiping the pages on my kindle, I become more and more invested in the story. Before I knew it, I was at the end and all I wanted was more. 

So I know everyone does this but I always feel bad but I preferred Noah's character more than Gavin's. I think this is why the story was a little slow in the beginning. Andi wonder f it was also I may not have warmed up to him yet. On the other hand, Noah just gave off this super hot, nerdy, Clark Kent vibe. But the only reason why I could think of that is because secretly that is my type of guy. #NoShame. 

Overall this was a book that got me out of my reading slump. It was the perfect, sexy read that I had been looking for. I am excited to continue the series and see what Santino brings to the table or should I say bed, next. 

I give this book 4 souls!

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