Monday, June 18, 2018

Review: Milla Takes Charge by Erin Soderberg

Title: Milla Takes Charge
Series: Daring Dreamers Club #1
Author: Erin Soderberg
Publication Date: June 5, 2018
Publisher: Random House Disney
Format: ARC
Age Group: Middle Grade
Genre: Contemporary

Milla loves nothing more than imagining grand adventures in the great wide somewhere, just like Belle. She dreams of traveling the world and writing about her incredible discoveries. Unfortunately, there is nothing pretend about the fifth-grade overnight and Milla's fear that her moms won't let her go. Enter Piper, Mariana, Zahra, and Ruby. Together with Milla, they form the Daring Dreamers Club and become best friends. But can they help Milla believe she's ready for this real grand adventure? Diverse, talented, and smart--these five girls found each other because they all had one thing in common: big dreams. Touching on everyday dramas and the ups and downs of friendship, this series will enchant all readers who are princesses at heart.

I am partially glad that I love to take time and appreciate the covers of books. I think covers are what draw us to those books we may not even think of picking up. I have to say that this is what drew me to the book and gave me that hope that I would like the story within. 

Following the story of five girls, Milla, Piper, Mariana, Zahra and Ruby, we enter fifth grade where new friendships are formed, a teacher dares them to dream and a pig get loose inside the school. The story follows particularly Milla as she sets herself own a mission proving to her moms that she is perfectly independent in attending the over-night school trip. 

Milla is this fantastic girl that is smart, brave, likes to overthink us and so relatable. From the beginning of the  story she makes it her goal to get her permission slip signed but things just don't seem to be going her way. There are so many young people that go through what Milla goes through and I know I even felt I was in the story cheering her on. However, I knew her new friends were going  to be there in helping her succeed. 

I found it interesting in how the book tied around the same thought as Disney Princesses and was happy with the princesses chosen. I liked how the characters gave an explanation as to why they selected the princesses that they did and how they made what they did similar to what the princesses did. 

Erin Soderberg writes this book for young girls to dare, to dream, and to conquer. I think this is a perfect book that shows cultures and families from across diverse ethnicities that will hopefully resonate with young people in showing that friendship is powerful and that together anything is possible. 

I give this book 4 souls!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Review: Eden Conquered by Joelle Charbonneau

Title: Eden Conquered
Series: Dividing Eden #2
Author: Joelle Charbonneau
Publication Date: June 5, 2018
Publisher: HarperTeen
Format: e-ARC
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy

The Trials of Virtuous Succession have ended. Prince Andreus is king—and Princess Carys is dead. But even as he’s haunted by what he did to win the throne, Andreus discovers that his dream of ruling only brings new problems. The people love his twin even more in death than they did when she was alive. The Elders treat him as a figurehead. And worst of all, the winds of Eden are faltering. But despite what everyone believes, Carys is alive. Exiled to the wilderness, Carys struggles to control the powers that have broken free inside her. And as she grows stronger, so does her conviction that she must return to the Palace of Winds, face her twin and root out the treachery that began long before the first Trials started. The Kingdom of Eden is growing darker with each passing day. Brother and sister, former foes, must decide whether some betrayals cut too deep to be forgiven—and whether one will wear the crown or both will lose everything.

There are some series where when you haven't read or even thought about them, you may have to go back and refresh your memory. Refresh yourself with the characters, the events that have taken place or even the entire story but the world that Charbonneau perfectly crafted, this was all but the least of my worries. I turned to page one and everything came back into me. 

starting back with a kingdom torn. Carys faking her own death making Andreus king. However, both twins have their own dangers they must face both in and out of the castle. Will fate bring them back together to face the evils that are lurking in the dark. 

I know I said this with the first one but to me this story is a full on Game of Thrones for teens. Even though there is no dragons there is so much that I felt myself going back and forth between these two stories. Now I may be the only one who saw this but I am perfectly fine having my own imaginations. 

Carys and Andreus really grew from the first novel to the end of this one. Even though there were moments of doubt I had with Andreus, he came through in the end. These two characters go through so much on their own that they fail to realize that their true strength lies in working together. 

Joelle Charbonneau writes a stellar conclusion to this fantastical series. With a story that will take you on an adventure full of action, adventure, and the emotions that makes a story rememberable, this is a one story you do not want to miss.